Srichand For Men Black Edition Oil Control Powder 11g – Disney Version

Oil control Powder formulated especially for men Oil Control Powder formulated especially for men. It helps to protect and absorb excess oil on skin. Men are more prone to oily skin than women, and usually exposed to the causes of oiliness by their lifestyle. That’s why they need something extra. Srichand has developed Srichand for Men Black Edition Oil Control Powder that is perfect for men’s oily skin, get them ready for the day.

1. Open the package, turn the inner lock counterclockwise to release the powder
2. Apply the puff and shake the package vertically to saturate the puff
3. Apply on your face and neck. Perfecting the look by softly dapping the puff all over the face, or on the area which needs special attention.

Suitable for: Oily Skin